It goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the Beijing-North Korea trip and many thanks for all your expert guidance and organisation. It will always be an unforgettable experience for me and one which has given me a different perspective on life.

It’s often the outsiders that rock a settled boat, and I believe Political Tours has defined an utterly new and vibrant market niche that creates a new sector within adventure travel.  

The Political Tours analysts provided balanced and informative insights into both the positive and negative trends in the region.  

There were tour briefings on who we were going to see at each meeting and the context behind it, and that was one of the most important things. If there were any questions we needed to ask, there was someone to answer them.  

The impact was immense and far exceeded our expectations. It took us completely out of our comfort zone but because of the organisational capability we felt very safe at the same time.  

A very well-connected organiser, with contacts on both sides of the coin! I was really impressed that you managed to link us up with different players who had different opinions and roles. You provided us with a chance to make our own judgements. The social side of the trip was fabulous.  

Political Tours provided a really excellent 10-day tour of Kosovo for our students. Everything was very professionally organised, with a full timetable of varied meetings, lectures and site visits, and all our group came back with a very good overview of the real political situation on the ground. I’d highly recommend them to other universities