We return to the states to cover our third US Presidential Election, and this time it is Michigan that’s in the spotlight. Once thoroughly Democratic, Trump won it in 2016, and it is a crucial state for anyone hoping to win the White House. We then head to Washington DC for the final days of the campaign.

From as far out as 18 months before the presidential election Democratic hopefuls have been focusing on Michigan instead of neighbouring Ohio, the traditional bellwether state.

We’ll been looking at the get-out-the vote campaign in downtown Detroit and looking at its amazing regeneration which is ongoing, visiting working class white voters in suburban Motown, as well as meeting core Republican groups across the state who voted for Trump last time.

Michigan with its auto sector, large black population (Detroit is the US’s largest black city) used to be reliably blue. Trump changed history when here won here 2016 with a majority of just 10,704 votes. But the narrow statewide margin of his victory disguises how widespread his support was. He won 75 out of 83 counties. So while the Dems did well in Michigan in the mid-terms, they know that they can not afford to repeat Hillary Clinton’s mistakes and ignore Michigan at their peril.

DATESWednesday 28 October – Wednesday 4 November 2020
DESTINATIONDetroit, Michigan & Washington, DC
Led by US based correspondents
DURATION7 nights
All AccommodationMeals and Water
Local TransportationExpert Guide
COSTCost: £4950.00
Single supplement: £750.00

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Price: £4950.00
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Day 1

Wednesday, 28th October: Detroit

Arrival in Detroit – Introduction to Michigan and it place on the US electoral map; why Michigan matters this time. Overnight in Detroit
Day 2

Thursday, 29th October: Detroit

We start with Motown – the legendary auto city whose fortunes has supposedly followed those of the US. As manufacturing gave way to services, Motown hollowed out leaving behind enormous great factories and empty neighbourhoods. Trump was able to win here – promising to bring back jobs. We look at the regeneration of the city. We’ll meet members of the state’s black caucus here as well. Democrat campaign managers say that if they manage to a high black turnout, Trumps campaign is lost.
Day 3

Friday, 30th October Detroit and Western Michigan – Manufacturing and Farming

The auto sector has seen a significant revival in Michigan in the last 5 years. While many jobs have gone overseas the three major auto manufacturers have reopened plants here. But it’s hard to see how this will play out. Tarrifs and the trade war with China are seen a major problem by the big three, General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler. We visit a factory and speak with autoworkers. How do they see it? We then head west to rural Michigan and meet with local farmers. The state is home to one of the biggest soya bean and pork producing areas in the country. But they too have been hit by tariffs. Traditionally conservative – will they vote for Trump this time around or stay at home?
Day 4

Saturday, 31st October: Detroit & Flint

In 2016 Trump’s narrow margin of victory disguised how widespread his support was. He won 75 out of 83 counties. Suburban educated women turned away from Trump in the mid-terms. But many white voters in the Detroit suburbs stuck with him. We look at Republican campaign managers’ strategy across suburban white areas. Next we head to Flint. The scandal over the state’s attempt to save money by diverting the city’s water supplies creating an environmental catastrophe that is still playing out here – distrust in government is deep running and has affected the overall political climate across the state. Which way will that play in this election?
Day 5

Sunday, 1st November: To Washington & Virginia

We leave Detroit for Washington DC mid-morning. Upon arrival we head out to Virginia. The state is split between the Democrat leaning suburbs and more rural and white working class areas. Trump did well here in 2016 but the state elected a Democratic governor by a landslide in 2017. Campaign schedules depending, we will attend local election rallies. Overnight Washington DC
Day 6

Monday, 2nd November: Looking back at the Campaign

Political Tours has access to an array of top speakers and political leaders – the program in DC will follow political developments and meetings will be adapted accordingly:

Meetings will include a talk with one of top Republican campaign strategists for a review of the election so far. Talk with a DC Shadow Representative to the US Congress and a Democrat; Washington DC is in a unique position of not having voting rights in Congress. At George Washington University; a former Washington bureau chief, anchor and correspondent speaks the role of the media in the Presidential election. We also get a briefing on the Electoral College and its importance to campaign strategy. Visit to one of the country’s leading TV/Radio studios in DC, for their assessment of the election campaign: ABC, CNN, and NPR. Break followed by dinner. Meet in the lobby at 6:45 p.m. and walk to diner at a famous DC establishment. Overnight Washington DC.

Day 7

Tuesday, 3rd November: Polling Day

Our first meeting is with the a think tank regarded as the leading centre of expertise on campaign finance. Later we visit DC suburbs. Washington remains a city of stark contrasts with wealthy and poor areas– we look at the get out to vote campaigns and see who is at the polling stations. We visit Anacostia, Ward 8, which is predominantly African-American. With a long night ahead there is a chance to have a rest at the hotel before dinner. It could also be an opportunity to see some of Washington’s top political sights. At 6.30 p.m. we depart for the Election Night Watch Party with dinner. Overnight Washington DC
Day 8

Wednesday, 4th November: The Day After

We review the night results over breakfast. Followed by check out and farewells.

Tour Ends

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Like all our tours the itinerary is focused on current affairs. Events on the ground may change and the final schedule may be adjusted accordingly.

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US Elections

Please see feedback below from our US election tour from 2016.

“If it was a film we’d have ended watching from behind the sofa.  Tremendously informative and (despite the result) fun tour.”  US Elections, 2016

“The quality and variety of experts was excellent.” US Elections, 2016

“The speakers were a particular feature of this tour, and clearly much thought and effort had been put into selecting and engaging people from a variety of backgrounds. I doubt if this could have been improved upon and it was a privilege to meet them all.”  CB, US Elections, 2016

“We’ve done a variety of group tours before. This was the best we’ve been on, both in terms of content and company.” CR, US Elections, 2016

“The highlight of the tour was the Trump rally, because it overturned all preconceptions about those who would vote for Trump. We should have realised that the fact that his appeal was so wide would be very bad news for the Democrats. As with Brexit the volume of discontent with those in power would mean people would vote for anything or anybody who promised change.” SR, US Elections, 2016

“A sociological and political eye opener of a tour.” VH, US Elections, 2016

“I have been on a few tours before, but not one of them compared with this one. This was by far the best. Of course, the material content, and the time and place of its setting had a lot to do with it, but there were other factors. The size and mix of each group was about right, and having both yourself, and a local expert with us was a big advantage, able to sort out en route problems too, and help set the tone and atmosphere. The tour itinerary was very detailed, and could hardly have been more so.” CB, US Elections, 2016

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