British politics has been in turmoil ever since voters opted by a narrow margin to leave the EU.  This tour examines the latest stages of the negotiations just nine months before the UK officially leaves the bloc – and the long-term fallout ahead.

The tour starts in London with meetings in Westminster – with politicians and advisors from across the political divide.

DATESSunday, 24th June – Friday 29th June 2018
DESTINATIONBrexit – Britain and The EU

London, Brussels

Led by David Torrance

DURATION5 nights
All AccommodationMost Meals
All Transportation inc Return Eurostar London-BrusselsExpert Guide & Access to meetings
COSTCost  £3300.00
Single Supplement £300.00

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We see what’s at stake for UK trade and industry and the redlines for Eurosceptics determined to see a complete break with Brussels and the European Court of Justice. The impact on the economy could be substantial and Britain remains deeply divided.

In Brussels diplomats examine the possibilities and obstacles ahead as national parliaments of all 27 EU states will need to approve any deal. It will be a thought provoking and first-hand look of one of the biggest upheavals in Europe since the end of the cold-war, with good food and hotels to smooth the way!

Broadcaster, author and contemporary British historian, David Torrance, leads the tour.

Cost includes return Eurostar travel to Brussels.

As with all of our expert-led tours, we ensure that our groups remain small and intimate, and will not exceed 14 people.

As with all of our tours the itinerary focuses on current affairs, and owing to the dynamic nature of politics means that local conditions may lead us adjust the final schedule.

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Brexit – Britain and The EU

Like all our tours the itinerary is focused on current affairs. Events on the ground may change and the final schedule may be adjusted accordingly.

Day 1

Sunday, 24th June: London

Dinner at 7p.m. with David Torrance and Political Tours. We outline the latest on the Brexit negotiations and a look at the week ahead. Overnight London.
Day 2

Monday, 25th June: London – Deal or No Deal

By now the ideological split of the Brexiteers and Remainers is clear – what is less clear is the impact Britain’s departure of the EU will have on the economy. We explore the parameters of a future deal with the EU and the possibility of no deal at all. While there has been some focus on finance, there has been little public debate about the impact on manufacturing, tariffs and trade. The first full day of the tour looks at key sectors – from finance, to manufacturing, agriculture and trade. We visit one of the UK’s busiest docks to hear about their preparations for life outside the EU. Overnight London.
Day 3

Tuesday, 26th June: Westminster and Eurostar to Brussels

With some of the implications for trade and commerce under our belts – former civil servants brief us on the current negotiations. The key stumbling block for British Eurosceptics remains the European Court of Justice. What ways are there around this? We ask what lessons are there from other trading relationships with the EU.  There are also broader constitutional questions to think of; what are the implications for Northern Ireland and Scotland. They will be required to approve of matters as part of their governing remit or devolved powers. Will they? In the evening we leave Westminister for Brussels for the second half of tour. Overnight Brussels
Day 4

Wednesday, 27th June: Brussels

Three separate bodies make up the governing institutions of the EU; the Council of EU, which represents the governments, the Commission, and the Parliament. Over the next two and half days we visit all three. Our first stop is to meet separate delegations within the council; how do key nations such as the Poles, Germans, and French view Britain’s negotiating position? 27 states will have to vote on any future deal with the UK. After lunch we visit the European Parliament whose powers have increased significantly over the past decade. Different political blocks give their view on a European Union without the UK, including nationalist groups that want a weaker union. Time off for dinner in Brussels. Overnight Brussels
Day 5

Thursday, 28th June: Brussels

We look at the parameters of the deal taking shape. What will the UK’s liabilities be beyond 2019, and how is the possible interim deal to keep Britain in the EU single market taking shape? The UK has said it is ready to fall back on WTO rules if no deal is found. Experienced EU trade negotiators describe the difficulties the UK faces ahead. Members of the press corps share their insights into the negotiation process thus far. And we ask where the EU as a whole is heading in a period of political populism and protectionism. Overnight Brussels
Day 6

Friday, 29th June: Brussels to London

Next we look at the foreign policy implications of the UK no vote. What are the global implications of Britain outside the EU? Relations with Spain on Gibraltar, Scotland within the UK, and the UK/US relationship could be affected. Britain’s global standing has already been damaged. What is its future on the international stage? A US diplomat gives his view. We review the tour before travelling back to London midday on the Eurostar where our tour ends.


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What’s Included

All of your accommodation and most meals are included, as well as local transport (except during your free time). Return Eurostar tickets from London to Brussels is included.

Flights are not included in the price and need to be arranged by customers themselves or with an agent.

Following the news

Like all our tours the itinerary is focused on current affairs. Events on the ground may change and the final schedule may be adjusted accordingly.

This tour starts and ends in London. If you would like to extend your stay in Brussels please let us know.

Group size

As on all our expert-led tours the groups are deliberately small and will not exceed 14 people. Frequently we travel with 10-12 people. Limited spaces are available.


UK, US and EU passport holders do not need a visa.  Non EU passport holders may require a visa. It is always good to check with the embassy in your country for latest advice regarding visa requirements.



The tour is mid-summer.  Weather will be hot in the day, but it can be cooler in the evenings.



We suggest taking layers as the weather is variable. The days can be very warm. Rain showers are not uncommon too so please ensure you pack a rain jacket.  Most important is to have comfortable shoes.

Men: Will need a jacket and tie for some of the meetings.

Women: You will need smarter dress for one or two meetings.


Great British Pounds in the UK.

Euros in Belgium.



Plugs are 3 pin UK, 2 pin European.


Internet access

Wifi is available in all hotels.

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David Torrance

David Torrance is a distinguished Scottish journalist, broadcaster and contemporary historian. He was born and raised in Edinburgh and attended the University of Aberdeen and the prestigious Cardiff School of Journalism. He has been a reporter for several different Scottish news organisations, including Scottish TV and Grampian TV, as well as a political commentator on the BBC and Sky News. From 2005-07, he took a break from journalism to work at the House of Commons as Parliamentary Aide to the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell. Torrance’s writing includes obituaries for the Herald, commentary for the Scotsman and The Times, as well as several books, including The Scottish Secretaries (2006), ‘We in Scotland’ – Thatcherism in a Cold Climate (2009), Inside Edinburgh: Discovering the Classic Interiors of Edinburgh (2010), Salmond: Against the Odds (2010 & 2011), Great Scottish Speeches (2011) and David Steel: Rising Hope to Elder Statesman (2012).

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