From Lebanon to The US Post Trump!


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Travelling Again – From Lebanon to the US Post Trump!

We have a series of group tours scheduled for the spring and summer of 2021 – including Lebanon, several tours in the UK, and the United States.

In the United States we will look at President Biden’s victory and the political divides that continue to exist in the country after the Trump Presidency. The tour will take in Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, North Carolina and Washington DC. The tour dates will depend upon when safe travel is possible but we are aiming for June or July of 2021. Please contact us to find out more or reserve a place.

Elsewhere we have tours set up in Lebanon – scheduled for late March, Ukraine in June and The Baltics.  If you would like to travel individually, as a family or in a private group we can also schedule tailor-made trips when and where you want to travel.  We have over twenty destinations to choose from including short-haul destinations like Hungary and Italy. We have great experts on standby including the BBC’s Nick Thorpe in Budapest, Nicholas Blanford and Leena Saidi in Beirut, and author Tobias Jones in Italy. Our overall aim is to be flexible and travel where and when possible.

Later in the year we have scheduled tours to South Africa, and Israel and Palestine. While travel is restricted we are also running webinars with our sister company, Beyond The Headlines. We are scheduling a series of briefings from our experts around the globe. You get to ask your own questions and speak to the experts online.  Discussions include topics as varied as Saudia Arabia, Brexit, Somalia, Plastic recycling, Iran, and US foreign policy amongst others.  We have a back-catalogue of more then 50 briefings.  Email us if you’d like to join us.



lebanon tours

Tour: Lebanon

27 March – 4 April, 2021

Discover Lebanon’s diverse politics and people first-hand

tour baltics

Tour: The Baltics

15 – 23 May, 2021

Explore relations between the Baltics and their former Soviet neighbour

ukraine tours

Tour: Ukraine

12 – 19 June, 2021

Discover how Ukraine is faring under the shadow of mighty Russia

US Beyond Trump

Tour: US Beyond Trump

July 2021

What next for the US following the end of the Trump era?

israel palestine tours 2020

Tour: Israel & Palestine

3 – 11 Oct, 2021

Examine all the options for the Palestinians and the Israelis

tour south africa

Tour: South Africa

27 Nov – 5 Dec, 2021

Two decades after apartheid’s demise we examine Nelson Mandela’s legacy

tour hungary

Private Tour: Hungary

Contact Us for dates

Explore the rise of populism in Victor Orban’s Hungary

calabria tours

Private Tour: Italy

Contact Us for dates

Private tours available through 2021 – 2022

tour northern ireland

Private Tour: Northern Ireland

Contact Us for dates

Lessons from the peace process and an in depth look at NI today

experts weekend

Experts Weekend

Contact Us for dates

Join some of our leading experts for two days of topical discussion

tour russia

Tour: Putin's Russia

Contact Us for dates

How has Vladimir Putin’s leadership changed Russia?

tour berlin

Tour: Berlin

Contact Us for dates

How has Germany changed 30 years after reunification?

tour cuba

Tour: Cuba

Contact Us for dates

Cuba is on the cusp of dramatic change. See it first-hand.