From Lebanon to The US Post Trump!


Our latest tours

Our Group and Private tours are back up and running. Events in Ukraine have prompted us to look at Finland and the Baltic’s response to Russia’s actions. Later in October we return to Israel and Palestine, a tour that leaves no stone unturned on both sides of the wall. In November we look at the Midterms in a bitterly divided USA. Lastly our epic tour of South Africa takes place in late November – a perennial favourite for PT travellers.

Private tours are also available if you can travel; Colombia, Turkey, the Baltics and Northern Ireland are among the many destinations. Just call or email us for more details.

Join us online

We run weekly discussion series with top speakers and our own tour experts. You get six talks a month and guaranteed interaction with each guest. Recent guests include Barbera Demick, Simon Kuper, Owen Bennet-Jones, Phillipe Sands, Lt. Col Lawrence Wilkerson, John McCarthy. See our webinars page for more.

tour finalnd and the baltics

Tour: The Baltics

11 – 18 June 2022 (Plus 19-23)

Explore how Finland & The Baltics are dealing with the Russian threat

israel palestine tours 2020

Tour: Israel & Palestine

22 – 30 Oct 2022

Examine all the options for the Palestinians and the Israelis

US Midterm Elections 2022

Tour: US Midterm Elections

3 – 9 Nov, 2022

How will the US mid-term elections affect Biden and Harris?

tour south africa

Tour: South Africa

26 Nov – 4 Dec, 2022

Two decades after apartheid’s demise we examine Nelson Mandela’s legacy

lebanon tours

Tour: Lebanon

Spring 2023

See Lebanon’s diverse politics and people first-hand

tour finalnd and the baltics

Tour: NATO, Finland & The Baltics

Spring 2023

Explore how Finland & The Baltics are dealing with the Russian threat