A Political Tour will open up travel in a way you’d never expect. Read on for what our customers and the press say about our tours.

The following is a selection of comments from our recent clients:

Tour Reviews Highlights

“It was in many ways the most interesting tour I have ever taken. Being able to sit and talk to people was for me very impactful. I gained the knowledge of testimony that is invaluable and irreplaceable. I only wish that it had lasted longer. I have even thought of retaking the tour so that I could ask further questions and engage in longer discussions. Seriously.
SS, Lebanon 2019

“I am not a ‘tour’ person. I heard about Political Tours by friends of friends who had joined the Trump/Clinton election tour. It was their stories and the genuine passion they conveyed about that particular tour as well as the concept of Political Tours that sold me. Then I heard there was an Israel/Palestine Political Tour – and I couldn’t resist. It was a place I would never have gone on my own, and even if I went with a friend, I would have felt I was possibly missing out on the real stories that occur in this complicated place. No reading or research can offer the Political Tour experience of meeting, talking to and listening to informed people from these places.
CF, travelled with Political Tours to Israel & Palestine in 2017, and to both Russia and the Baltics in 2018.

“I now feel I know Hungary not only politically, but also socially and economically, and have a much better general understanding of the problems confronting the EU.”
CB, Hungary 2018

“I thoroughly enjoyed Budapest, its architecture, pedestrian-dedicated streets, welcoming residents, Bohemian cache, and verve of ultimately winning out over communist oppression.”
ME, Hungary 2018

“It was a wonderful location to re-unite with other veterans of PT trips. Meet new people and listen and debate with high quality experts. Top class. It was particularly good to hear the panels where experts from different fields were able to share thoughts.”
DT, Experts Weekend 2017

“I found the tour to be a fabulous insight into Middle Eastern culture and politics in general and found particularly interesting the role of Jordan in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Avi Shlaim was a wonderful addition to the tour and I feel so privileged to have learnt from such an erudite professor of the region. His insights were invaluable.”
NG, Jordan 2017

“The tour gave me an invaluable understanding of the politics of Jordan and its relations with its neighbours. As importantly, I gained insight into the daily lives of the people of Jordan and its refugees, their approaches and their aspirations and the economy in which these are played out. The tour leaders and the experts were all informed, thoughtful and engaged – traveling with the rock star of the region, who is Avi Shlaim, was a special treat.”
LM, Jordan 2017

“The Baltics and Putin’s Russia gave me access, insights an understanding of these countries I simply would not have otherwise. I now feel much more informed, and can get greater value from articles or books I might read on these locations. Political Tours is like a deep immersion study tour leaving your brain both stimulated and exhausted from all the information, sights and experiences. And this experience stays with you.”
CF, The Baltics and Putin’s Russia , 2018

“Leonid as a marvellous guide. The travelling companions could not have been better. Smart and seriously interested. Taking everything in a stride and seeing the revolutionary complexities with a perfect sense of humour.

It was of course great for me to get out of the shadows of retirement and playing at being the foreign correspondent I once was. Though it was a bit sad having to leave and not go on with the story.”
HHR, Ukraine 2014

“Political Tours gets me into corners I wouldn’t otherwise find, be it Karadzic’s watering hole in Belgrade, a courtroom in Pristina to witness an appeal hearing, the lounge in the home of an Italian settler in the West Bank or, this time, coffee with Luis Clerge, a mate of Che’s.”
GH has travelled to Bosnia, Kosovo, Israel & Palestine, and in 2016 to Cuba with Political Tours

“As a rule, I don’t do group tours. But I make an exception for PT given the value I’ve experienced every time – and the Baltics was my 6th Political Tour”
August 2017

“PT can take me to tricky places I’d like to know more about – with a small group of like minded people.

And they can do that impeccably.”
CF, September 2017

“Quite the most comprehensive way of finding out what makes a country and the individuals in it tick.    PT arrange access to all sorts of different people and experiences that would be impossible to access on one’s own and the organisation is excellent.The tours aren’t cheap, but, when you consider all that is on offer, they are very good value for money.”
Russia, May 2016

“Political Tours is the only offer I am aware about for people who are seriously interested in politics.”
September 2017 (CM)

“We also thoroughly enjoy travelling with you both because you are deadly serious except when you are deadly fun.”
Lebanon, 2016

“It was the first time that I had been part of any tour group – it was very well run and the group members and leaders were great.”
Israel & Palestine, September 2017

“What convinced me that Political Tours would suit me was a recommendation from like minded people, as well as the locations PT explore. Plus the size of the group: Max 14 tour size also sounded manageable.”
Israel & Palestine, Sept 2017

“A must for anyone with an interest in politics and current affairs who want to meet like minded people. I would recommend Political Tours for the detailed organisation, visits to places not usually open to the general public and for the more adventurous, the exciting countries you visit.”
CB, US Elections, 2016

“I have been on a few tours before, but not one of them compared with this one. This was by far the best. Of course, the material content, and the time and place of its setting had a lot to do with it, but there were other factors. The size and mix of each group was about right, and having both yourself, and a local expert with us was a big advantage, able to sort out en route problems too, and help set the tone and atmosphere. The tour itinerary was very detailed, and could hardly have been more so.”
US Elections 2016

Reviews in the press

From The Financial Times and Daily Telegraph, to NPR, the BBC and CNN, Political Tours has received widespread praise for its ground-breaking approach to travel.

Our tours work like documentaries that open up key issues in the news for people to experience at first-hand. They are led by the very best analysts and reporters and combine visits to local communities and businesses with meeting with senior politicians and community leaders.

Whatever the tour is you should come away with far deeper understanding of the region.

Political Tours has also appeared in The Economist, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, British Airways Highlife magazine, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Conde Naste Traveller, The Atlantic, Politiken, Dagens Nyheter, Al Jazeera, CNN, NPR and ABC.

And our customers consistently say it is also a highly rewarding experience.

Here are some of the recent comments from some of the world’s top media.


Graham Bell, Daily Telegraph

Political Tours featured in the Daily TelegraphWriting in Daily Telegraph and The Australian about our recent South Africa tour, Graham Bell says that “few people get the same kind of access” as Political Tours.

The meetings form “part of an innovative approach to providing a deeper understanding of the challenges facing South Africa.”


Financial Times

Political Tours featured in the FTThe Financial Times notes that Political Tours “aims with each holiday to give visitors something like a news documentary … interviews with real people, in real places and provide serious analytical commentary in between.”




Raymond Whitaker, Independent

independent logoIndependent writer Raymond Whitaker states that the tours help to “get you under the skin” of a country in a way you could not do so by yourself or with another travel company.

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cnn logoCNN recently took a look at how we tackle some of the most complex issues in the news with this report on our tour of the London and The Financial Crisis.




John McCarthy, BBC

Political Tours featured on the BBCYou can hear more about how the company came about in this interview with the BBC’s John McCarthy, who spoke to our Director Nicholas Wood on how he made the company and our tours to North Korea.

Click below to listen to the programme



NPR’s Market Place

npr radio logoNPR’s Market Place also spoke to Nicholas recently about the company.

Nicholas Wood, founder of the travel company Political Tours, hopes social and economic change are high on your list. Wood, a seasoned foreign correspondent who’s filed for the BBC, New York Times, and Marketplace, aims to give travelers a deeper understanding of the places they see and hear about in the news, such as Ukraine, Israel, or China. He joins Marketplace Morning Report David Brancaccio to discuss.

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Geraldine Doogue, ABC Australia

abc logoYou can listen to the podcast below:

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To Download the programme, click here »

Here is what our customers say

Bespoke tour of Jerusalem and the West Bank

Meeting with Efraim Zuroff, Efrat resident and Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Jerusalem, was a highlight for Valerie C and her teenage sons, when they spent two days with Political Tours gaining first-hand insight into the diverse issues in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

“We’ve just returned to the hotel and I wanted to quickly write to say how interesting and worthwhile the last couple of days have been for us. Orlando was a fantastic guide who also related well to the boys. Although the boys never felt propelled to asking questions as the environment and situation here is all new material for them they have certainly walked away with a hands on initial understanding of the country and it’s issues -simply hard to miss from the naked eye as well!

I have walked away with a far greater understanding of the complexities of this region and will certainly now continue to explore more of it. Thank you very much for putting this together for us.”

Please email info@politicaltours.com if you want Political Tours to organise a day tour for you. Or just call us on +44 843 289 2349.


Bespoke Tours of Georgia

KH has travelled with Political Tours frequently and often tops or tails one of the group tours with a bespoke tour nearby.  He spent a few days in Georgia after our tour in the Baltics this summer looking at relations with Russia, before travelling back to Australia.

“Thank you so much for organising the trip to Georgia.  Dimi is an absolutely amazing man who has had such a varied career.  I was able to meet his extensive range of contacts including Natalia, who is an amazingly well informed extrovert and I now feel that I know much more about Georgia. Dimi would be able to conduct any tour and make arrangements to meet anyone you would like to meet in Georgia, as he seems to have connections throughout the Georgian political scene.  Georgia is a very friendly and open place and concerns regarding Russia are very real.  Dimi took me to the movable border with South Ossetia and this certainly was a most interesting experience as was the trip to the border with Chechnya.  I cannot think of a more interesting place for a full enjoyable tour.”

RL and family wanted an introduction to the region’s politics and economy whilst travelling in Georgia. They had a specific interest in finance and the media. Political Tours’ Georgia expert accompanied them for one day in Tbilisi where they met with the editor of a leading newspaper, toured a TV studio, and met with two former ministers and the head of a leading commercial bank.

“We had a fantastic time. The group organized by Ketevan was diverse and fascinating, not least Ketevan herself. Huge credit to her both for being a fantastic companion all day and for having the credibility and resourcefulness to organize a schedule of such quality. We got a great insight into the Georgia of today and tomorrow.”


Day Tour In St. Petersburg

One of Political Tours regular customers frequently combines Opera with Politics! This action packed day tour earlier this year was led byLeonid Ragozin, our Russian expert.  Leonid also does bespoke day tours for us in Kiev and Moscow, as well as leading group tours to Ukraine and the Baltics.

“A fantastic day.  Of the four people I met, one was good (the oligarch), one was very good (the politician) and two were absolutely brilliant (the academic and one who said that she was not an activist but merely an expert).  It’s always easier when there is no need for an interpreter – the latter two – but the conversations just flowed really well with plenty of insight and comment.  And it was great to spend time with Leonid again: he is friendly, knowledgeable, fun – and knows when to be a facilitator and when to pile in with his own questions.”


Day Tour in Johannesburg

University students, Jess G and her friend, had 18 hours between flights on their way to do volunteer aid work in Zambia. They wanted to get under the skin of Johannesburg.

“We had only one full day in Johannesburg. We not only wanted to learn about the history of Johannesburg but also current issues facing South Africa especially for young people. We were also interested in the street art scene. Nicholas catered to all these interests in a way we could never have organised ourselves or even through an ordinary tour group. It was one of the most interesting days I have had travelling. If you want this kind of tailored, jam packed, edgy and extremely interesting Political Tour, I highly recommend getting in contact with Nicholas Wood.”


Day Tour in Cairo

On a recent trip to Egypt, Kathie M wanted to learn more about the Egyptian revolution. Political Tours created a day tour that incorporated meetings with the people as diverse as the Muslim Brotherhood, the youth movements involved in the Tahrir square protests, and a visit to a local neighbourhood to understand the dynamics that led to the revolution. Her tour guide for the day works with the New Yorker and other leading western newspapers and magazines.

“It was a great day with Hassan. It made what would have been an otherwise insular trip something pretty special. Meeting a family in their home was probably the highlight. I am definitely interested in this kind of travel again, so you may be hearing from me next year!”


Meetings in Rome

Emma G had a fairly packed schedule in Italy, and wanted key meetings in Rome to get an insiders political insight.

“Nicholas Wood organised several dinners for us during our travel in Rome. At very short notice he was able to assemble a leading political figure and eminent journalists for us to meet with. We have travelled through over 120 countries looking for highly respected people with local knowledge of business and politics and we were amazed by the people that Political Tours have close connections with. I would highly recommend Nicholas Wood and his Political Tours to all travellers keen to get a unique insight into the history and politics of any nation.”