Tour Israel and Palestine

Since we launched Political Tours back in 2011 – inspired, as founder Nicholas Wood wrote here, by the desire to bridge the gap between external impressions and on-the-ground reality – clients and tour-watchers have come back to us with one question above all others: when are you going to cover Israel & Palestine?

Easy does it.

Israel & Palestine Conflict

The Israel-Palestine conflict needs no introduction – it is one of the world’s most enduring and intractable disputes. We didn’t want to rush in with snap judgments about rights and wrongs, and we wanted to avoid simply paying lip-service to the region’s own attempts at peacemaking and conflict resolution.

So we took our time, discussing ideas with our contacts on all sides, planning an approach that would bring maximum insight from the time available on the ground.

Now, we’re ready.

Uniquely Designed Tour

Our unique, personally designed Israel & Palestine tour runs twice next month, led by one of the region’s most accomplished and respected journalists, Nicolas Pelham of The Economist.

In the Political Tours tradition, it gets you to the heart of the matter. On the nine-night tour, you’ll hit the ground running, with unique access to communities and key figures. There are visits to Tel Aviv and Nablus, to Nazareth and Bethlehem, and the Jordan Valley. We spend the best part of three days crossing and recrossing Jerusalem to speak to all sides and see the city’s problems – and beauty – for ourselves. We speak to Palestinians and Israelis, farmers and settlers, Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze.

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Condé Nast Traveller magazine previewed our tour in glowing terms here.

No time to waste. For further details of our itinerary and the cost of the tour please contact our director Nicholas Wood at