Niche Travel Company Breaking New Ground
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June 3, 2011.

Springwise, the website that talent spots entrepreneurial ideas has listed travel company Political Tours as their top idea of the week. Their 8000 spotters regularly nominate businesses they think are breaking new ground in sectors as varied as travel, education and financial services, and we are chuffed to have come out on top in all categories. Here’s their text in full:

“If niche travel tours can be arranged for photographers, sustainability enthusiasts and late sleepers — to name just a few — then why not fans of politics and current affairs? That, indeed, is exactly the purpose of Political Tours, a UK firm that promises to deliver “current affairs at first hand.”

Springwise - Political Tours, innovator in niche travel
Springwise nominated Political Tours as an innovator in niche travel

“A tour to Northern Ireland planned for this fall, for instance, will trace the steps that led to the historic Good Friday Agreement and ponder what’s next for the region as former foes share power. With two expert BBC correspondents as leaders, the week-long tour will be priced at about GBP 2,700.

Other upcoming tours will visit Turkey, Georgia, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Bosnia, Kosovo and Ethiopia, each led by political experts and others with particular insight into the region at hand. Prices typically include accommodation in hotels with private bathrooms along with all meals; airfare is not included. Custom and bespoke tours are also available.”

“Ever wished for a tour focusing on a particular hobby or interest of your own? Then this might be the right time to turn it into a full-fledged business. Keep the niche travel ventures coming!”

If you want to talk to Political Tour’s Director, Nicholas Wood, about this or any other story about us, please call him direct on +44 7855 266 151 or email him at