Stefanos Evridpidou, A reporter with The Cyprus Mail travelled to Kosovo in the summer of 2010. The trip was organised by Prizren Documentary Festival held each year in August.

It was a very well organised, dense, high-level study tour. The level of the people we met, including senior politicians, was impressive.  

A very well-connected organiser, with contacts on both sides of the coin! I was really impressed that you managed to link us up with different players who had different opinions and roles. You provided us with a chance to make our own judgements. The social side of the trip was fabulous.  

Political Tours provided a really excellent 10-day tour of Kosovo for our students. Everything was very professionally organised, with a full timetable of varied meetings, lectures and site visits, and all our group came back with a very good overview of the real political situation on the ground. I’d highly recommend them to other universities