Political Tours’ director Nicholas Wood was recently interviewed on BBC local radio about how the company was launched. BBC Radio Oxford presenter Malcolm Boyden also took the opportunity to look at Bin Laden’s death and its impact on the wider region. Click the following link to play the interview:  Nicholas Wood talks to Malcolm Boyden  

It’s often the outsiders that rock a settled boat, and I believe Political Tours has defined an utterly new and vibrant market niche that creates a new sector within adventure travel.  

By Political Tours Staff and Analysts – April 8, 2011. For over a decade Turkey’s economic prospects and political reforms have been driven forward by the desire for EU membership. But with that increasingly in doubt what are Turkey’s economic prospects outside the block? Turkey is in the midst of election fever. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, prime

All eyes are fixed on Turkey’s prime minister as he seeks a record third absolute majority. Insight from Political Tours’ staff.Monday April 4, 2011 With eight years already in office Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, looks set to win another victory in parliamentary elections this June. What he does thereafter is likely to have

Tours to Launch Our Summer Season While all eyes are drawn to the upheaval in the Middle East, Political Tours focuses on two areas that will play a critical role in Europe’s foreign relations – Turkey and Georgia. From May 29 to June 5 leading Turkish affairs analysts, Ekrem Guzeldere and Piotr Zalweski, examine the

The Political Tours analysts provided balanced and informative insights into both the positive and negative trends in the region.  

Political Tours’ website is deliberately different from most travel websites. We wanted it to be clean and simple, and if anything more like a news magazine than a travel site. The inspiration for the home page came from Ally Palmer, at PalmerWatson, the Edinburgh based design team that have been responsible for reshaping some of

Political Tours’ Director, Nicholas Wood, looks back at an incident in Kosovo and how it ultimately inspired a new kind of travel. In March 2004, amid the worst violence in Kosovo since the end of the war I remember a conversation with a senior spokesperson in the UN mission here. The mission, she explained, was

There were tour briefings on who we were going to see at each meeting and the context behind it, and that was one of the most important things. If there were any questions we needed to ask, there was someone to answer them.