In May I took my most worthwhile package tour ever, a trip to Bosnia and Serbia organised by Political Tours. It was a sobering, thought provoking and memorable eight days. My fellow travelers constituted one of the most rewarding aspects of the trip; from a range of backgrounds, all were knowledgeable, interested and, pretty important,

It goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the Beijing-North Korea trip and many thanks for all your expert guidance and organisation. It will always be an unforgettable experience for me and one which has given me a different perspective on life.

Our trips have had a huge impact on our customers, and could make an ideal present for a friend or relative. You can make a deposit of £250.00 a reserve a place for them on a tour or holiday. To book your place on one of our new 2014 tours click here » These deposits are

It is worth listening to this wonderful interview with Dorothy Button, one of our clients on the US election tour speaking with Geraldine Doogue on Australia’s Radio National. Dorothy speaks about her time on the tour, and call’s the result quite accurately! Click the following link to listen in:  

We are delighted to announce a list of some of South Africa’s most prominent figures among our speakers and guests for our South Africa Tour. It will run between January 19th and 27th, and will be led by Peter Sullivan, the former editor of The Star and Group Editor of the Independent Newspapers SA. He’s

Our North Korea tour was the recent focus of BBC Radio 4’s travel show Excess Baggage. Too bad the show has come to an end. You can hear John McCarthy  speaking with our director, Nicholas Wood, about the origins of the company and our recent trip to the DPRK. Political Tours clients, Alastair Muriel and

Nicholas Wood, Political Tours’ Director was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch, a website that spots new entrepreneurs. It’s a great insight into how the company was set up and what motivates us. Former New York Times correspondent, Nick Wood, set up the world’s first tour company dedicated to current affairs after a decade of working as

Our Bosnia and Serbia tour was recently reviewed in the Financial Times. Twenty years since the outbreak of the war in Yugoslavia we examine the long-term impact of the conflict and see where Serbia and Bosnia are headed today. Seventeen years after he was first indicted for war crimes, including genocide, Ratko Mladic is finally

June 3, 2011. Springwise, the website that talent spots entrepreneurial ideas has listed travel company Political Tours as their top idea of the week. Their 8000 spotters regularly nominate businesses they think are breaking new ground in sectors as varied as travel, education and financial services, and we are chuffed to have come out on