Beirut based expert and Atlantic Council Fellow Nicholas Blanford explains the background to the explosion that rocked Beirut in 2020, a symptom he says of Lebanon’s corrupt and deeply sectarian political system. Despite that Lebanon remains one of the most welcoming destinations in the Mediterranean. Political Tours runs expert led tours in Beirut, Baalbek, the

What makes modern Turkey tick? Financial Times reporter in Istanbul Ayla Jean Yackley explains. President Tayyip Recep Erdogan’s still dominates the arena; the lingering backlash to the 2016 coup, Islam and democracy, the conflict in Syria, relations with Europe and Turkey’s struggling economy and covid19 are all part of the mix. There’s a lot going

    We’ve had some great cover shots on our brochures over the years. Previous incumbents include Barack Obama, a Californian woman wearing a full face veil or Niqab, and a North Korean museum guard. But this year we were struggling slightly. How do you find the image that brings together both the adventure of

People often ask what we do on a Political Tour.. and we can tell all sorts of stories about the adventures we’ve had. But sometimes it’s difficult to sum it all up in an elevator-ride length answer. Animation however seems to have a solution. A while back we came across the UK’s Royal Society of Arts

The New York Times opinion writer Nicholas Kristof’s has just released a fascinating short film on North Korea. It’s a short, only 26 minutes long, but gripping. He thinks there is a real risk of war with two inexperienced and foolhardy leaders at the helm of both countries. He suggests that like Iraq under Saddam

Cuba 2018 Tours dates now confirmed: Sat 10 – Sat 17 March 2018 “Frozen in time.” “Socialist theme park.” “Anti-American bastion.” These are only some of the stereotypes that come to mind when one thinks of Cuba. But beyond the old cars and clichés lies a society hanging in the balance. Last year, an already

New destinations include Lebanon, the Baltic states, the French elections and Colombia. Call us on 0843 289 2349 today for details not yet on the website. Lebanon   2 – 10 Feb Glamorous and challenging, scarred by war and yet remarkably stable; Lebanon defies all expectations.  This tour delves into the country’s recent past, explores the

Nicholas Wood describes how the idea for Political Tours came about and how we run our tours. He was speaking with the Aussie politics website, The Big Smoke. How did you come up with the ideas for the company? In many ways I think I had the best job in the world. Prior to launching

Our new brochure is out and we have a fascinating year ahead. There new tours to Cuba, Russia and Ukraine added to this year’s list of small group tours. We have nine scheduled departures as well as dozens of smaller bespoke tours ahead of us. In Cuba and Iran we examine growing ties with the

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