People often ask what we do on a Political Tour.. and we can tell all sorts of stories about the adventures we’ve had. But sometimes it’s difficult to sum it all up in an elevator-ride length answer. Animation however seems to have a solution. A while back we came across the UK’s Royal Society of Arts

New destinations include Lebanon, the Baltic states, the French elections and Colombia. Call us on 0843 289 2349 today for details not yet on the website. Lebanon   2 – 10 Feb Glamorous and challenging, scarred by war and yet remarkably stable; Lebanon defies all expectations.  This tour delves into the country’s recent past, explores the

Nicholas Wood describes how the idea for Political Tours came about and how we run our tours. He was speaking with the Aussie politics website, The Big Smoke. How did you come up with the ideas for the company? In many ways I think I had the best job in the world. Prior to launching

Our new brochure is out and we have a fascinating year ahead. There new tours to Cuba, Russia and Ukraine added to this year’s list of small group tours. We have nine scheduled departures as well as dozens of smaller bespoke tours ahead of us. In Cuba and Iran we examine growing ties with the

Land Rover’s magazine OneLife travelled with us to one of the most remote parts of Europe this spring; Theth in Northern Albania. The result can be seen in this beautiful film which features Elizabeth Gowing, a writer and an expert travel guide with Political Tours. Theth is a remote village, cut off by snow during

Former Independent Foreign Editor Ray Whitaker writes that “a political tour is the perfect way to get to grips with a nation’s recent history”. He joined us on our recent tour of Kosovo. His article can be found here. To book your place on our latest tours click here »  

Our trips have had a huge impact on our customers, and could make an ideal present for a friend or relative. You can make a deposit of £250.00 a reserve a place for them on a tour or holiday. To book your place on one of our new 2014 tours click here » These deposits are

It is worth listening to this wonderful interview with Dorothy Button, one of our clients on the US election tour speaking with Geraldine Doogue on Australia’s Radio National. Dorothy speaks about her time on the tour, and call’s the result quite accurately! Click the following link to listen in:  

We are delighted to announce a list of some of South Africa’s most prominent figures among our speakers and guests for our South Africa Tour. It will run between January 19th and 27th, and will be led by Peter Sullivan, the former editor of The Star and Group Editor of the Independent Newspapers SA. He’s

Our North Korea tour was the recent focus of BBC Radio 4’s travel show Excess Baggage. Too bad the show has come to an end. You can hear John McCarthy  speaking with our director, Nicholas Wood, about the origins of the company and our recent trip to the DPRK. Political Tours clients, Alastair Muriel and