Bosnia & Serbia Tour in The Financial Times
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Our Bosnia and Serbia tour was recently reviewed in the Financial Times.

Twenty years since the outbreak of the war in Yugoslavia we examine the long-term impact of the conflict and see where Serbia and Bosnia are headed today.

Seventeen years after he was first indicted for war crimes, including genocide, Ratko Mladic is finally on trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Political Tours examines the legacy that he left behind, and assesses where both Bosnia and Serbia are headed today.

Sarajevo under Siege by Rikard Larma 1992
Running for cover. Sarajevo, 1992.

The tour is led by Louis Sell, a former US diplomat who worked on the Dayton peace-accords and served repeatedly in Yugoslavia, will be joining the tour in Sarajevo. Mr. Sell also worked at the Office of the High Representative immediately after the war and is the author of a widely acclaimed biography of Slobodan Milosevic.

He will be joined by Political Tours’ Director and former New York Times Balkans Correspondent, Nicholas Wood.

The tour, which lasts eight days, includes briefings on the political crisis that threatens Bosnia today, as well as the final steps before Mladic’s arrest and what his extradition means to Serbia. It also examines how the issue of war crimes is being tackled in the region – there are visits to war crimes tribunals in Sarajevo and Belgrade. More broadly the tour assesses whether European attempts to stabilise and integrate the region with the EU are working.

Other Tour Highlights

A tour of Sarajevo’s former front lines, and the tunnel that acted as a conduit for goods in and out during the siege, which is now a popular museum.

A visit to Tito’s bunker complex outside Sarajevo, and only recently opened to the public.

Briefings from leading international officials and local politicians on Bosnia’s constitutional crisis, and Serbia’s hand over of Mladic.

Briefings on the Srebrenica massacre, including accounts by survivors, and how it ultimately prompted an end to the war.

A visit to the war crimes tribunal where Mladic was held before his transfer to the Hague – The same court has tried numerous other Serb war crimes suspects.

Meetings with nationalists groups critical of Serbia’s co-operation with the tribunal.

Tour Dates

April 2013: 7 days and 8 nights


£2600.00 plus single supplement of £250.00

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