Travel & Tour Testimonials

The following is a selection of comments from our recent clients.


Timothy H. on our trip to Beijing

“It goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the Beijing-NK trip and many thanks for all your expert guidance and organisation. It will always be an unforgettable experience for me and one which has given me a different perspective on life.”


Elizabeth E. a client on our recent tour to Bosnia and Serbia

“In May I took my most worthwhile package tour ever, a trip to Bosnia and Serbia organised by Political Tours. The company’s journeys are designed for people fascinated by international affairs. My interest in the region dated back to university studies in the old Cold War days, and here was a chance to catch up with an area that had experienced more than I could have imagined way back then.”

“Instead of conventional sightseeing we met a wide range of people: “little people” who had experienced the murderous impact of the 1990s wars; prominent people like the American judge heading the war crimes court in Bosnia, who are trying to repair the damage and help find a way towards a more constructive future for that republic’s disparate peoples. In Serbia we met human rights activists who had struggled to remove Milosovic.”

“My fellow travellers constituted one of the most rewarding aspects of the trip; from a range of backgrounds, all were knowledgeable, interested and, pretty important, pleasant – not something you can say of all package trips!”

“It was a sobering, thought provoking and memorable eight days.”


The Sunday Times on our tour to Bosnia and Serbia

“An extraordinary new guided tour… giving visitors an inside view of both nations.”

“This kind of insider local knowledge came courtesy of Nicholas Wood, the founder of a new company called Political Tours. As you might expect of a former Balkans correspondent for The New York Times, Wood is immensely knowledgeable — and he’s very agreeable company to boot.”


Francisco Herranz, Foreign Editor of El Mundo, Spain

“It was a very well organised, dense, high-level study trip. The level of the people we met, including senior politicians, was impressive. Pristina’s night life was a surprise… Pristina is probably the most ugly city in the Balkans, but has a tremendous youth culture.”


David Lewis, Senior Lecturer, Bradford University, UK

“Political Tours provided a really excellent 10-day tour of Kosovo for our students. Everything was very professionally organised, with a full timetable of varied meetings, lectures and site visits, and all our group came back with a very good overview of the real political situation on the ground. I’d highly recommend them to other universities and institutes organising political study tours.”


James Ruggia, TravelPulse magazine, USA

“It’s often the outsiders that rock a settled boat, and I believe (Political Tours) has defined an utterly new and vibrant market niche that creates a new sector within adventure travel.”

Jacob Whittingham,  SE1 United, a South London NGO working with inner-city youth

“The impact was immense and far exceeded our expectations. It took us completely out of our comfort zone but because of the organisational capability we felt very safe at the same time.”

“There was minimal worked need from our side. We said what we needed and Political Tours set it up… it was also highly flexible.”


Absolom Shalaka, Programme Office Peace and Development Network Trust

“A very well connected organiser, with contacts on both sides of the coin! I was really impressed that you managed to link us up with different players who had different opinions and roles. You provided us with a chance to make our own judgments. The social side of the trip was fabulous.”