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Donald Trump’s shock election in 2016 continues to have profound ramifications. Our seven day US tour looks the seismic impact of his time in office.

Dates: 10 – 16 June, 2018

Cost: £3950.00

Single Supplement: £450.00

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    Donald Trump’s shock election in 2016 continues to have profound ramifications. Our seven day tour looks at his impact both inside the Washington beltway and abroad as we meet congressmen, diplomats, voters and some the of best US analysts to look the impact of his time in office.

    Our journey starts in New York at the United Nations assembly where we assess how his unorthodox presidency has shaken up the international order. Top diplomats give their view.

    Further south we visit Virginia, a state won by Hillary Clinton but home also to swathes of die-hard Trump supporters. We’ll meet them as well as Democrats hopeful of a comeback in the upcoming mid-terms.

    In Washington we visit the White House and Congress. Trump’s addiction to social media, fraught relations with Congress, inability to be bound by any rule book – all come under the microscope. We ask what the long-term damage of his presidency could be and can he last out his full term in office?

    Numbers will be strictly limited on this tour so early booking is advised. Cost includes business class train from New York to Washington DC.

    Day One: New York

    Our journey starts not in DC but in New York and the seat of the United Nations assembly. We meet for dinner here, and our experts introduce us to the week ahead.
    Overnight New York

    Day Two: New York

    The Republican right has long criticised the UN most notably during the presidency of George W. Bush. But the turmoil created by Trump’s confusing statements and readiness to abandon old alliances has shaken up the international order like nothing before. We tour the assembly as UN insiders, journalists and diplomats assess what has happened since he took office.
    Overnight New York

    Day Three: To Washington DC

    We leave New York by train from Penn Station and head for the capitol. After checking into our hotel we tour both Congress and the White House. Members of the press corps give their view of the state of play between Congress and the White House. Democrats were routed in the House at the last election but progress on Republican legislation has been slow. At dinner we review the impact of Russian interference in the 2016 election and it’s subsequent fallout – what lasting damage has it done to Trump’s presidency.
    Overnight Washington DC

    Day Four

    Head out of DC to look at key mid-term battle grounds in Maryland and Virginia. Trump was seen as the standard-bearer of white-working class America. We visit one community to see what they think now. We meet Die-hard Trump supporters and Democratic hopefuls. Back in Washington the deputy head of the Republican National Committee, a leading political strategist addresses the group.
    Overnight Washington DC

    Day Five

    The battle in the courts – politics is fought as much in the court-room as it is in Congress; groups seeking to up-end Trump initiatives from immigration to welfare and women’s rights give their insight. A veteran reporter assesses the turmoil of US foreign policy as seen from within the State Department. And at one of the Trump family’s hotels we look at the role of his family in the White House and their over-lapping business interests since he came to office.
    (Free evening) Overnight Washington DC

    Day Six

    Washington bureau chief of a leading national paper gives their view on Trump’s time in office so far. Assess long-term damage to US interests by region. We look at the possible alternatives as the country looks ahead to the 2020 elections. Who might take on Trump?

    Farewell dinner and look back over the week.
    Overnight Washington DC

    Day Seven: Tour ends

    Departures for the airport after breakfast.

    If you would like to book a tour please click here to fill in our booking form. Or call us on 0843 289 2349 or email us at [email protected] to find out more.

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