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All Tours for 2017

Political tours visits Beirut, Baalbek and southern Lebanon

Lebanon Tour

2 - 10 Feb 2017

See Lebanon's diverse politics and people first-hand

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iran tours

Tour Modern Iran

Apr 15 – 23, 2017

Track the changes since Iran's 1979 revolution and looks at where it is headed today....

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French Election 2017 tours

French Elections

2 – 8 May 2017

Brexit, Trump - next France. These elections may determine the EU's fate…

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Tour of Vladimir Putin's Russia

Tour Putin’s Russia

Jun 17 – 25, 2017

How has Vladimir Putin's leadership changed Russia? We examine the country's sharp contrasts...

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baltics tour

Baltics Tour

22 – 30 July 2017

We look at relations between the Baltics and their former Soviet neighbour, tracking tales of espionage…

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israel and palestine tour

Israel & Palestine Tour

Sept 9 – 18, 2017

Amid renewed concern for the peace process we examine the options for Palestinians and Israelis

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North Korea Travel and Tours

North Korea – DPRK Tour

Sept 9 – 19, 2017

What next for North Korea under the leadership of Kim Jung Un?

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Colombia Tour

30 Sept – 9 Oct 2017

We look at what lies ahead for Colombia and the leftist guerilla movement, the FARC...

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South Africa Tour: Mandela’s Legacy

South Africa Tour – Mandela’s Legacy

25 Nov - Mon 4 Dec, 2017

Two decades after apartheid's demise we examine Nelson Mandela's legacy...

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China Tours

China Tours: Growth & Change

China is on the rise, but can it handle huge economic and social change?

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Ukraine tours

Ukraine – After the Revolution

Learn more about the current crisis in Ukraine from the inside...

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Northern Ireland Tours

Northern Ireland Tour

Lessons from the peace process, the Good Friday Agreement and an in depth look at NI today.

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Mikheil Saakhashvili - Georgia Tour

Georgia Tour

Georgia beyond Sakhashvilli. Where is Georgia headed after conflict with Russia and election of a new president?

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Greece and the Eurozone Crisis Tour

Greece & The Euro Tour

Greece's sovereign debt crisis under the microscope, with analysis from leading economists and commentators.

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Kosovo Tours, Trips and Travel

Kosovo Tour

We track the enormous steps Kosovo has taken since the 1999 conflict. Explore the causes and aftermath of conflict and the long road to...

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Turkey Tour: Erdogan & The Anatolian Tigers

Turkey Tour: Erdogan & The Anatolian Tigers

What role do Islam, capitalism and democracy have to play in this rapidly changing country?

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London Financial Crisis - City View

London & The Financial Crisis Tours

An exclusive insight into the origins of the financial crisis...

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Scotland Independence Tour

Scotland Tour – The Road to Independence

We examine what has changed in Scotland in the last decade and if Scots really want an end to the Union

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Can Cuba's revolution survive in tact as it opens up to the world.

Cuba Tours

Cuba is on the cusp of dramatic change. See it first-hand.

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President Barack Obama

US Elections 2016

An unprecedented tour of the US electoral race. With expert analysis from the country's leading commentators.

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