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All of Political Tours’ travel experts have broad and deep knowledge of the region they cover. Often journalists, broadcasters, ex-diplomats or academics, our experts provide copious insight on the political and socio-economic conditions behind the news headlines.

Experts by Location

David Rancourt is Political Tours Florida expert and a political strategist, former Director of Florida's Election Commission and one time Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Jeb Bush

David Rancourt

David Rancourt is Political Tours Florida expert for the 2016 US Presidential Election tour…

Political Tours Iran expert,  former Economist Iran correspondent and author.

Christopher De Bellaigue

De Bellaigue was formerly the Tehran correspondent for The Economist and studied Oriental Studies…

Scotland Tour Guide David Torrance

David Torrance

David Torrance is a renowned journalist, broadcaster and historian. As our Scottish expert, he…

South Africa Expert Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan

Our South Africa Tour Guide, Peter Sullivan, edited The Star, South Africa’s premier daily…

USA Expert Bill Hershey

Bill Hershey

Our USA Tour Guide, Bill Hershey, has reported on every Ohio presidential campaign since…

Bosnia Guide Louis Sell

Louis Sell

A retired Foreign Service Officer, Louis Sell, our Bosnia and Serbia Tour Guide, worked…

North Korea Guide Ruediger Frank

Rudiger Frank

Our North Korea Tour Guide, Ruediger Frank, is currently tenured Professor of East Asian…

Kate Adie Bosnia Expert

Kate Adie

Our Bosnia Contributor, Kate Adie, author and broadcaster, became a familiar figure to viewers…

Kosovo Expert Nicholas Wood

Nicholas Wood

Director of Political Tours

Nicholas Wood set up Political Tours in 2011 creating the first…

Ardian Arifaj Kosovo Guide

Ardian Arifaj

Our Kosovo Tour Guide, Ardian Arifaj, is an analyst and member of Kosovo’s Foreign…

Tour Expert Georgia MacFarlane

Prof S. Neil MacFarlane

Neil MacFarlane, our Georgia Expert, is head of the Department of Politics and International…

Ekrem Eddy Guzeldere - Turkey Expert

Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere

Ekrem Eddy Güzeldere, our Turkey Tour Guide, works as a political analyst for the…

Travel Expert Piotr Zalewski

Piotr Zalewski

Piotr Zalewski, our Turkey Expert, is the Turkey correspondent for Polityka, Poland’s bestselling news…

Mervyn Jess - Northern Ireland expert

Mervyn Jess

Mervyn Jess, our Northern Ireland Tour Guide, started his career on a weekly paper, moving to…

Seamus Kelters Northern Ireland Guide

Seamus Kelters

Seamus Kelters, our Northern Ireland Tour Expert, started as a senior reporter for the…

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