Political Tours Featured in the Media

From The Financial Times and Daily Telegraph, to NPR, the BBC and CNN, Political Tours has received widespread praise for its ground-breaking approach to travel.

Our tours work like documentaries that open up key issues in the news for people to experience at first-hand. They are led by the very best analysts and reporters and combine visits to local communities and businesses with meeting with senior politicians and community leaders.

Whatever the tour is you should come away with far deeper understanding of the region. And our customers consistently say it is also a highly rewarding experience. (Click here for customer feedback)

Here are some of the recent comments from some of the world’s top media.

Geraldine Doogue, ABC Australia

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Graham Bell, Daily Telegraph

Writing in Daily Telegraph and The Australian about our recent South Africa tour, Graham Bell says that “few people get the same kind of access” as Political Tours.

The meetings form “part of an innovative approach to providing a deeper understanding of the challenges facing South Africa.”


Financial Times

The Financial Times notes that Political Tours “aims with each holiday to give visitors something like a news documentary … interviews with real people, in real places and provide serious analytical commentary in between.”


Raymond Whitaker, Independent

In Kosovo, Independent writer Raymond Whitaker states that the tours help to “get you under the skin” of a country in a way you could not do so by yourself or with another travel company.

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CNN recently took a look at how we tackle some of the most complex issues in the news with this report on our tour of the London and The Financial Crisis.


John McCarthy, BBC

You can hear more about how the company came about in this interview with the BBC’s John McCarthy, who spoke to our Director Nicholas Wood on how he made the company and our tours to North Korea.

NPR’s Market Place

NPR’s Market Place also spoke to Nicholas recently about the company.

Nicholas Wood, founder of the travel company Political Tours, hopes social and economic change are high on your list. Wood, a seasoned foreign correspondent who’s filed for the BBC, New York Times, and Marketplace, aims to give travelers a deeper understanding of the places they see and hear about in the news, such as Ukraine, Israel, or China. He joins Marketplace Morning Report David Brancaccio to discuss.

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Political Tours has also appeared in The Economist, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, British Airways Highlife magazine, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Conde Naste Traveller, The Atlantic, Politiken, Dagens Nyheter, Al Jazeera, CNN, NPR and ABC.