A Bespoke Travel Tour in the Accursed Mountains

Land Rover’s magazine OneLife travelled with us to one of the most remote parts of Europe this spring; Theth in Northern Albania. The result can be seen in this beautiful film which features Elizabeth Gowing, a writer and an expert travel guide with Political Tours.

Theth is a remote village, cut off by snow during the winter, that maintains many of traditions and way of life that have died out elsewhere in the Balkans decades ago.

It is a region that has crept up repeatedly in travel writing, including by Edith Durham, Edward Lear and even Lord Byron. Fortunately it is now part of a national park, and the building development that has grown unfettered through out much the country has been kept abay.

Political Tours was able to create a tailor-made tour including the itinerary, provide guides, expertise and logistics for the magazine. It is something we are proud to say we can do in most places around the world.


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